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UCoustic 9210 Passive Soundproof Rackmount Cabinets

Acoustic Server Rack Enclosures with Passive Cooling

UCoustic Passive Soundproof Rackmount Cabinets RangeThe UCoustic 9210 Passive range is based on the design of the same sub frame as the Active but has no fans and a different rear door.

Cooling is self venting and is achieved via the equipment in the rack giving a lower thermal performance (up to 2.75 kW depending on the size. Additional care should be given to ensure correct airflow.

Noise reduction is similar to the Active (very good!) as a are other features such as extra width and dust filter (optional).

Features Overview:

  • Physical Capacity: 12, 24 & 42U rack spaces
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Maximum recommended thermal load: up to 2.75 kW (9,388 BTU/hr)
  • Additional internal width for cabling
  • Dust filter capability (optional extra)
  • Availability: USA, EU and ROW


  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Zero ambient noise and no running costs
  • Washable Dust filter capability (optional)
  • Install and maintenance friendly


  • Extra width needs to be allowed for when deployed

Feedback From Our Global Network:

One of the best, if not the best self venting quiet rack in the world with superb noise reduction. IT engineers 'rave' about the additional internal space for installation and maintenance.

To obtain more information on the right quiet rack for your needs we can arrange for a local quiet rack specialist to contact youlink

Cable Entry Standard - located at bottom rear
Multiple top/bottom locations are available
Each cable entry is 3.94" x 12.2"
Cooling Fans None - see Active Range for Active Cooling Cabinets
Acoustic Material Flammability Rating Acoustic Foam FMVSS 302 – Pass. UL94: V0, HF1 ISO 9001 Accreditation
Security Key lockable front & rear doors
Key lockable side panels
Cabinet Finish Heavy duty steel construction
Cabinet Color Predominantly Grey with Montana Blue trim
Max. Distributed Load 1102.31 lbs
Cabinet Features Supplied with load bearing castors
4 post rack with square fixing holes - fully adjustable front & rear
Split 'wardrobe' style front & rear doors
Air-Filtration System A removable and washable air-filter is available
Optional Accessories External venting kit
Side venting kit (for devices utilising side-to-side venting)
Infill/blanking kit for tower servers
Punch code high security locks
General 19" rackmount accessories
Delivery Shipped assembled and ready to go

Standard Finish

Useable Height Product Code Max.
Useable Depth*
Cabinet Weight
12U UC2-1292-AA 35.2" 28.2" x 30.71" x 47.24" 241.41 lbs
24U UC2-2492-AA 35.2" 49.21" x 30.71" x 47.24" 367.01 lbs
42U UC2-4292-AA 35.2" 80.71" x 30.71" x 47.24" 606.27 lbs

All-over Premium Wood Finish

Useable Height Product Code Max.
Useable Depth*
Cabinet Weight
12U UC2-PWDT1292-AA 35.2" 28.2" x 30.71" x 47.24" 228.18 lbs
24U UC2-PWDT2492-AA 35.2" 49.21" x 30.71" x 47.24" 331.75 lbs
42U UC2-PWDT4292-AA 35.2" 80.71" x 30.71" x 47.24" 529.11 lbs**

*The cabinets are assembled with a 1.72" recess from the front and a max. 33.47" rail to rail depth. The recess ensures sufficient space for the free-flow of cool air to installed equipment.

**42U real wood does not require top - doors and side panels only.