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Sound Proof Cabinets Guidance At Quiet-Rack.com

About Us: How Quiet-Rack.com guides you through the world of quiet server racks - so you find the best possible solution.

Quiet-Rack.com is a global network of sound proof racks experts. Centered on the USA, we nonetheless have worldwide links with similar minded partners and associates.

We seek to inform, advise and assist by introducing you to a specialist local supplier of sound proof server racks near you – wherever you are.

The right sound proof cabinet will improve your working environment by dealing with IT server and equipment noise through the successful deployment of sound proof server and comms racks.

Making Sense of Server Noise Reduction Claims

In the emerging sound proof rack market some manufacturers are making server noise reduction claims that cannot be consistently and reliably compared by the end user. Normally this arises because of differing acoustic test methods used on sound proof enclosures but sometimes from using selective frequencies!

Whilst we work with manufacturers to improve sound proof rack performance globally we remain independent and always strive to provide authoritative, accurate, independent information on sound proof server cabinets.

It is for these reasons that Quiet-Rack.com aims to provide:

  • Impartial, comparative data that can be trusted
  • Communication of quietness levels in a way that is easily understood and applied

Sound Proof Racks Effectiveness Testing

We regularly test the main types of quiet racks so we can provide you with the latest independent comparative information on sound proof server cabinets available in your arealink

Currently, most measurement of the server noise reduction capability of sound proof rack solutions is undertaken using decibels. Whilst this is a useful measure it does not necessarily 'tell the whole story'. So in addition to testing based on decibel measurements, we have supported supported the development of a global standard method test QRA-1107 link which measures the potential noise reduction of computer rack enclsoures for the quiet rack market that reflects the different performance achieved by different ranges of sound proof racks allowing genuine comparisons to be made.

Global but Local Sound Proof Rack Experts

Our passion is to assist you in making an informed choice, based upon trustworthy and impartial advice. Being independent from the sound proof rackmount cabinet manufacturers we can be objective, concentrating on your best interests.

So, rather than supply sound proof racks directly, we have chosen to align ourselves with a global network of like-minded partnerslink who we believe can provide expert advice and supply you with the right sound proof server rack for you.

Your specialist Dealer will:

  • Help you define what you need – in terms of server noise reduction, thermal performance, cable management and aesthetics etc.
  • Provide you with the most up to date test data on the various ranges of sound proof rackmount cabinets available.
  • Find you the right sound proof rack that meets your needs at a competitive price.

Let us put you in touch with a specialist sound proof racks dealerlink