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Soundproof Racks - Helpful Info

See our noisy server soundproofing articles packed full of useful information about office noise and soundproof rack solutions. Our articles are summarized below:

Soundproof Racks Article: How Do Quiet Racks Work?link

This soundproof server racks article covers;

  • How soundproof rack cabinets are designed to provide server soundproofing whilst promoting cooling and offering cable access.
  • Details of soundproofing techniques such as baffles and soundproofing materials.
  • Types of cooling such as passive cooling - self-venting using the fans in the installed equipment, and active cooling - using additional fans incorporated into the soundproof server cabinets. Full Articlelink

Soundproof Racks Article: Standard Test Method QRA-1107link

This article explains the independent standard test method for measuring the noise reduction potential for quiet rack enclosures. This test method has been developed with the support of Quiet-Rack.com. Full Articlelink

Soundproof Racks Article: Demonstrating Noise Reductionlink

In this article you can actually hear what happens when you reduce the Sound Power Levels of a noisy 78 dB(A) server by different amounts. Full Articlelink

Soundproof Racks Article: Percentages Explainedlink

This soundproof rackmount cabinet article sheds light on manufacturers' soundproof rackmount cabinets performance statements – looking at the difference between noise reduction described as a percentage, and noise reduction measured in decibels.

Soundproof Racks Article: Psychoacousticslink

This soundproof enclosures article discusses psychoacoustics (the study of sound perception) and which frequencies are more irritating to the ear.

Soundproof Racks Article: Thermal Guidelineslink

This soundproofed server cabinets article gives general good practice planning guidelines to help get the maximum cooling efficiency out of soundproofed racks.

Soundproof Racks Article: Things to Considerlink

This soundproof racks article gives food for thought on issues such as cooling requirements, power distribution, shelving, and much more.

Soundproof Racks Article: Glossarylink

The soundproof racks glossary lists useful definitions for many words used in the soundproof rackmount cabinet industry.

Contact uslink to get some advice directly from the soundproof racks experts in your area to help you make the right choice for your particular situation.