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Why Silent Racks?

Many people describe soundproof racks as silent racks. The definition of silent is "making no sound". We realize that soundproofing racks can never completely silence noise due to the need to provide cooling, so our Why Silent Racks? article uses the term "silent racks" relatively rather than scientifically, reflecting popular use.

Why Silent Racks? Article: The Invasion of IT Noise into the Workplace

The days when servers, routers and switches could only be found in secure, purpose-built computer rooms, are long gone. The development of smaller, faster and more powerful systems has resulted in the deployment of IT equipment directly into the workplace.

Although this technological increase in efficiency has many benefits, recent studies highlight one negative drawback – NOISE! This noise problem has caused many people to seek silent rack solutions to silence IT noise.

Why Silent Racks? Article: Constant Noise = Extra Stress

These studies prove that in a typical fast-paced office environment, persistent background noise can increase work-related stress and reduce concentration levels – significantly lowering human productivity.

For many workers, the constant whine of equipment cooling fans is an inescapable companion; negatively affecting thought processes and causing irritation, leading to potential employee friction.

As well as this direct damage to hearing, constant unwanted noise is very stressful, even at lower levels, causing rises in blood pressure and heart rate, or disturbing sleep (even noise as low as 30dB can affect sleep if it's continuous).

Research has shown that noise:

  • At 55dB to 60dB creates annoyance
  • At 60dB to 65dB increases annoyance considerably
  • Above 65dB causes serious damage to hearing

Why Silent Racks? Article: Effects of Noise Exposure*:

  1. Difficulty understanding speech
  2. Loss of concentration
  3. Reduced efficiency
  4. Poor morale
  5. Aggravation
  6. Adverse social behaviour

As you can see, finding a solution to noise pollution has become a strong priority for many, and has fuelled the growth of the silent server racks / silent comms racks industry.

Why Silent Racks? Article: Noise Reduction - the Legal Side

Health and Safety Organizations take these issues seriously, and have evaluated the damaging impact of constant high noise levels on human hearing and general health.

It is for this reason that OSHA created the Occupational Noise Exposure Standard in the US and the European Union introduced their Directive for Noise Reduction in the Workplace.

In both cases the employer is responsible for making sure their employees are not exposed to sound levels exceeding published guidelines. This can be achieved by reducing exposure times or by using equipment designed to reduce noise emissions at their source.

Particularly in the US, 'enlightened self interest' is prompting many companies to purchase silent rackmount cabinets, even in computer rooms. Promoting the best interest of the employee serves to remove the risk of lawsuits resulting from hearing loss or psychological harm caused by noise pollution in the workplace.

Why Silent Racks? Article: Physiological Effects Resulting from Exposure to Noise:

  1. A quickened pulse rate, increased blood pressure, and narrowing of the body's blood vessels, which, over a prolonged period, place an added burden upon the heart
  2. Abnormal secretion of hormones
  3. Muscle tension
  4. Ulcers
  5. Loss of sleep
  6. Fatigue
  7. Stress reactions
Information icon – highlighting the information section in this Why Silent Racks? Article.In 2001, the World Health Organization published revised guidelines for Community Noise in which it recommends a 70 dB (A) noise level limit for commercial areas. It is worth noting that the combined noise level of just eight low form factor servers operating with average CPU loads would be approximately 74 dB (A).

Why Silent Racks? Article: Silent Servers Verses Silent Rackmount Enclosures

In order to silence IT noise the industry has endeavored to create silent servers. Unfortunately only particular silent tower servers can be reasonably comfortable with the title "silent servers". Product designers have found that to silence 19inch rackmount servers you need silent rack cabinets in order to reduce the unwanted noise to an acceptable level.

Why Silent Racks? Article: Where Do I Go From Here?

Please contact uslink if you would like a silent racks expert to provide silent rackmount cabinet advice, helping you choose and source the best silent server cabinet solution for you.