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Demonstrating Noise Reduction

Listen to What Happens When You Reduce the Sound Power Levels by Different Amounts!

The first speaker image below is a recording of an Intel blade server which emits a loud 78 dB(A) noise. Click the first play button to hear it - but turn up your speaker so that you can get a more realistic sound level. Click the play button on the other speakers to hear how much the sound is reduced when you apply different dB(A) noise reduction levels.

Quiet Racks Reduce Noise and Change its Overall Sound

When listening to the example below, bear in mind that you are only hearing a reduction in sound power level, and that a quiet rack does more than diminish noise, it actually changes the quality of the sound so that it is less high pitched. In effect, a quiet "hiss" becomes a lower frequency "hum", which is much less noticeable to the human ear.

So What Kind of Noise Reduction do Quiet Racks Achieve?

The aim of a quiet rack is to quieten the emitting server noise to below the environmental ambient noise, so that it is not noticed. If you are looking for a quiet rack, you will soon discover that manufacturers make various different claims for noise reduction. Some of these claims are inaccurate and others are just plain confusing, as different manufacturers use different sound measuring techniques.

Here at Quiet-Rack.com we can avoid all the chaos as we have access to independent impartial testing methods. With these testing methods we know that the quiet racks on the market today can achieve a noise reduction of between 10dB(A) and nearly 30dB(A).

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