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Acoustic Rackmount Cabinet Ranges

Over the last few years, as the need for quiet / acoustic server and comms racks has grown, so have the number of types and brands. Whilst all acoustic rack cabinets have been designed to allow for cooling as well as noise reduction, various different engineering approaches have been used by acoustic racks manufacturers.

The information in this acoustic rack solutions section is provided by the manufacturers plus our global partner network of acoustic racks experts.

We aim to help you in several ways:

  • Providing summary information on all the major brands of acoustic cabinets
  • Giving guidelines on things to consider when choosing an acoustic server rack
  • Introducing you to the most local specialist acoustic rack reseller with access to a good choice of acoustic racks as well and our training and latest test information on the main acoustic rack ranges

To find out more about the major acoustic rack cabinet brands click a link below;

  • AcoustiQuiet: Manufactured in the USA this acoustic rack cabinet is an entry level quiet rack which comes a wide range of sizes.
  • Orion Acoustic & Mini Cab: Manufactured in the UK this acoustic rackmount cabinet is an entry/mid level product has a wide choice of sizes and the advantage of an optional glass door.
  • Silentium AcoustiRACK ACTIVE: This high-tech acoustic server cabinet solution is the only soundproof rack utilizing Silentium's Active Noise Control technology as well as traditional soundproofing techniques.
  • Silentium AcoustiRACK Standard: This acoustic rack cabinet is a solid entry level quiet rack for noisy routers and switches.
  • UCoustic Active: This acoustic server cabinet has fan assisted cooling plus extra internal width for the most dense cable systems.
  • UCoustic Passive: This self-venting acoustic cabinet has extra internal width for the most dense cable systems.
  • Whisper V2: This entry/mid level acoustic rack cabinet has fan assisted cooling and a unique design and look.
  • XRackPro2: This popular range of acoustic enclosures comes in sizes between 4U and 25U and has a glass front.

To obtain specific acoustic rack advice on the right acoustic server cabinets for your needs we can arrange for a local quiet rack specialist to contact youlink