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Standard Test Method for Quiet Racks ~ QRA-1107

When you choose a quiet rack you have to consider several factors, thermal capacity, aesthetics, budget and of course, how quiet it will be once your equipment is installed. To date, manufacturers have used widely different methods for measuring the noise reduction potential of their racks. If you just use existing manufacturers claims it is impossible to compare noise reduction potential, simply because you are not comparing like-for-like.

To overcome this, Quiet-Rack.com has supported the development of a standard test method which;

  • is easy to understand
  • can be reproduced in any reasonably quiet room of sufficient size
  • can indicate what noise level will be achieved after installation

The Presentation of QRA-1107 at Internoise 2012

The Standard Test Method for Measuring Potential Noise Reduction in Computer Rack Enclosures - QRA1107 is being presented at Internoise 2012Quiet-Rack.com are seeking to promote QRA-1107 to become the global standard test for quiet racks.

The QRA-1107 standard test method will be presented as a paper at Internoise 2012, the 41st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering - a conference aimed at quieting the world's cities.

Below is the PDF and sound file for the standard test method.

QRA-1107 - Standard Test Method For In Situ Measurement of the Noise Reduction Potential of Computer Rack Enclosures link

QRA-1107 Standard Sound File link